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Mindful Share trader

Hi there, I’m Pete.  I live in Adelaide, Australia, and I’m the creator of The Mindful Share Trader Blog.  

If you have ever asked yourself:

  • ​Where do I start if I want to trade the Stock Markets?
  • How do the markets actually work?
  • How do I learn to accurately read a stock market chart?
  • What stock trading method is the best to use?
  • How do I learn where and when to buy stocks?
  • How do I limit risk and protect my capital?

Or if you have been share trading for a while and just find you are in a rut and nothing seems to work consistently anymore…

​…You’re in the RIGHT place!


I believe if you want to win in today’s highly competitive markets you MUST arm yourself with the best tools and learn how to align yourself with what the smart money are doing.

Now I realise this is not an easy thing to do with the minefield of information that is out there and the distractions of family life, work, or owning your own business. I’ve been there so I know how hard that is.

​So instead of purchasing expensive ineffective software, wading through piles of books, spending hours on forums with highly conflicting views, and wasting time on courses put together by so called “experts”…

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And the best part is, I’ll cut through all the fluff!

You’ll be able to learn the correct way to read the chart and understand the psychology behind the market movements. You'll also gain valuable insights into your own thinking and how you react when trading.

I’ll also be analyzing and commenting on the overseas index’s at important junctures, and looking at how important the art of mindfulness is if you want your trading to become more consistent.

On the resources page​ you’ll find a list of books I have personally read and that have had a huge impact on my own trading. If you want to improve your trading, then I consider the titles I have listed there as essential reading.

There is also a list of all my video tutorials on there as well. Over time I'll be adding links to important websites. Posting up reviews and recommendations of software that I have used, and basically anything else I find that I think may save you time and money.

My intention?

To build this blog site into a one stop resource and community for those who are either looking to start trading or already have, but are struggling. If what I can share, helps you in some way then it’ll be a worthwhile venture, and of course I’d love your comments on what you’d like to see on the blog and what you think of it.​

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1990 was a wake up year for me!

I was busy working in the music industry doing 60-70 hours a week. I had a mortgage, a young son and another one on the way and was living a life full of stress and too little free time.

I looked in the mirror one day and saw that I had become my workaholic father, whom I had vowed I would never be like. The changes I made from that day on have guided me ever since.

I realized I needed to do 3 things...

  • Become debt free
  • Own my own business
  • Learn to successfully trade the stock markets

I figured if I could do all of these,  I could free up my time and take more control over my the money I wanted to invest.

Sounds easy?

Well, it certainly wasn’t, but I learned a lot in the process. Valuable lessons that still guide my life today.

After having successfully traded the markets now for about 20 years. I've experienced the euphoria of the Tech Bubble, the panic of the GFC, the Euro zone crisis and the Fukushima incident.

Throughout my trading career I've experimented with just about every share trading method there is. I've had a lot of successes but also experienced large losses as well.

So... I figured maybe, I am finally qualified enough to help and share with others the experiences I have had.

Now I’m not a millionaire, I don’t have a degree in finance or share trading and I’m not famous, but what I do have is an ability to read the chart well. I bring to the table a wealth of practical experience of the workings of the markets, and the safest way to trade them.

I believe if you want to be successful in the markets, then you need proven tactics and strategies. But more importantly you need to understand you're own strengths and weaknesses as well.

Trading, is a lot like surfing (which has also long been a passion of mine). You don’t madly try to catch every wave that comes your way. If you do, you wear yourself out, lose focus, and miss the best waves. Instead you learn to wait patiently for that perfect wave come to you.​

​This is the essence of successful share trading, patience, mindfulness and let the trade come to you.

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