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Welcome to my resource page which I sincerely hope will be of help to you. Here you will find a list of books I have read and highly recommend because they have repeatedly helped me with improving my trading skills.  There are also links to my video tutorials on Curious.com and You Tube as well. I’ll be continually updating this page and adding more links to other informative websites and software that I find useful. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Come back and check for updates often. Enjoy!

Disclosure: I have to point out here that some of links below are affiliate links, and that I earn a commission if you decide to purchase. but it is at no additional cost to you. Whenever I can, I will always try to secure a better deal or some added value for you.  I have had experience with all of these products, and I recommend them solely because I know they will be help you on your journey, not because of the small commissions that I make from their purchase.  I urge you not to purchase anything on here unless you feel they will improve your understanding and help you achieve your goals.


I consider these books to be absolutely essential reading and I have put them in what I consider to be the best order to work through. I have constantly returned to these books time and time again over the years and between them they cover a lot of important ground and some enlightening information that will help you on your trading journey.


Trading In the Shadow of the Smart Money – Gavin Holmes

All markets work because they are governed by three universal laws, the law of supply and demand, the law of cause and effect and the law of effort versus result. But there is a fourth and very important law, the law of attraction. Gavin unlocks the key to success in trading the markets using these laws with over 50 annotated color charts explaining the VSA principles bar by bar.


The Three Skills of Top Trading: Behavioral Systems Building, Pattern Recognition, and Mental State Management – Hank Pruden

The Three Skills of Top Trading, is unquestionably the best book on a specific trading method and the necessary attributes for trading that I have read. His logic, understanding of human foibles, and use of the Wyckoff method of trading are broadly referenced, readable, understandable, and entertaining.


Trade Mindfully: Achieve Your Optimum Trading Performance with Mindfulness and Cutting Edge Psychology – Gary Drayton

In what is truly a must read, Gary explores why understanding the technical aspects of trading isn’t always enough and that in order to be successful you need to know how to overcome the many psychological obstacles that can hold back your trading success.


The New Trading for a Living: Psychology, Discipline, Trading Tools and Systems, Risk Control, Trade Management – Dr. Alexander Elder

This excellent book teaches a calm and disciplined approach to the markets and developing your own effective trading system. It emphasizes risk management along with self-management and provides clear rules for both. It includes templates for rating stock picks, creating trade plans, and rating your own readiness to trade.


Trades About to Happen: A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method – David H. Weiss

Price and volume analysis is one of the most effective approaches to market analysis. It was pioneered by Richard Wyckoff, who worked on Wall Street during the golden age of technical analysis. In Trades About to Happen , veteran trader David Weiss explains how to utilize the principles behind Wyckoff’s work and make effective trades with this method.


Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude – Mark Douglas

This book really uncovers the underlying reasons for lack of consistency and helps traders overcome the ingrained mental habits that cost them money.  Mark takes on the myths of the market and exposes them one by one teaching traders to look beyond random outcomes, to understand the true realities of risk, and to be comfortable with the “probabilities” of market movement.


Trading Plans Made Simple: A Beginner’s Guide to Planning for Trading SuccessJacqueline Clark

Just as every business needs a robust plan for success, so too does your trading. In Trading Plans Made Simple you will discover the simplest and easiest way to build a comprehensive plan for your trading–one that will help you trade like a professional and provide you with a structure and strategy to guide your trading.



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